PipingCell is a software product designed and developed by:


in collaboration with:



PipingCell is an advanced measurement and analysis tool for piping applications aiming at reducing pressure fluctuations.


PipingCell enables non-intrusive or intrusive measurement of pressure pulsations.

PipingCell can be used to map the pressure-induced dynamic stresses along pipes.

It allows to monitor the hydraulic state of internal fluid in connected circuits

and can characterize the sources of pressure pulsations like pumps, compressors...


Examples of circuitries which can be monitored with PipingCell.

Broad applicability

PipingCell can be used with:

Two types of sensors


Set-up with 3 intrusive sensors.
Set-up with a non-intrusive sensor.

Post-processing of measured pressure pulsation

Characterization of sources of pressure pulsation


Ongoing characterization of pump.

Key features


Screenshot of PipingCell main window.

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